Show up every day in the dental practice of your dreams!


You deserve a dental practice with:

  • Loyal patients you love to see on your schedule and who refer their friends and family.
  • Patients that value and appreciate the same kind of treatment you are passionate about providing.
  • Fees and financial guidelines that allow your patients to accept treatment and allow you to be profitable with less stress.
  • Systems so well defined, communicated and executed, your practice practically runs itself.
  • Well-trained team members who have your back and offer the best possible care for your patients.

Because when you go home at the end of the day, the practice should be the last thing on your mind. You shouldn’t be thinking about what went wrong today or worrying about what may go wrong tomorrow. 

That’s not what you signed up for when you became a dentist, am I right?

This program gets to the root of your dental practice’s “health” issues that have been keeping you and your team spinning your wheels in the same ol’ problems.

Once we identify the root of your issues, we’ll tackle each one through hands-on implementation to transform your dental practice into a healthy, thriving business!


Believe me, I get you!! I have been there, done that and then some!!!

My 20+ years experience in the dental industry has shown me the challenges dental offices face. I’m on a mission to transform these challenges through my step-by-step process that addresses ALL potential issues keeping you stuck.

I feel very fortunate to have learned from the very best leaders in the dental field and I want to share all that I’ve learned and experienced with you.

Here’s the breakdown of where we’ll focus our attention during our 6 months together.

You know you want a successful practice, but instead spend your days frantically putting out fires rather than working toward the bigger vision. 

Maybe you’re not even sure what your vision is, or how you’d get there if you had one because let’s face it…most days feel like your practice is running you instead of you running it.

Let's create your vision!

This right here is the most exciting, fascinating, jazz-you-up area we’ll work.

DREAM and dream BIG because we’re going to paint the picture of your absolute ideal practice. Stop with the feeling stuck and stressed out and boldly, tell me what you want (what you really, really want!). 

Then, let’s put a plan into action to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

We’ll use proven systems in every area of your practice to bring your dream practice to life! And, most importantly, we’ll share that vision with your team and get them fully invested WITH you.

Maybe your team…

Is stressed out.
Is consumed with office drama.
Lacks any real identity.
Doesn’t seem on board with where you’d like to take the practice.
Is constantly putting out fires and fixing mistakes.

Or maybe, you simply know they have more to give.

Let's set your team up to win!

No matter what level your team is performing now, let’s empower them to maximize their potential. Because let’s face it, they want to be their best too… nobody wants to be on a losing team…winning is much more fun!

So, once we get crystal clear on your vision, we’ll help make sure everyone is fired up to help you achieve it with…

✓ Clear roles and responsibilities 
Excellent communication skills
Lots of appreciation and rewards for work well done
Focus on the big picture

Let’s even add a little fun!!!!

When you graduated from dental school, little did you know DDS wouldn't be the only initials behind your name. You’d also be CEO, CFO, IT guy, HR Dir. and VP of Marketing!

In your dental practice, not only are you concerned with great margins on that crown, you also have to worry about:

Personnel problems
Training team members
Taxes, insurance, payroll…

And, I bet all that stuff imposes on your personal time and takes away time from your family, weekend getaways and all the fun stuff you love to do outside the office.

Let's master your systems!

We'll take a hard, close look at every system in your office and design a plan that puts those systems in place so well that it relieves you and your team of undue stress, builds the highest level of trust and gives everyone the confidence, freedom and flexibility to maximize their talents and experience success beyond their wildest dreams.

Let's take you from reactively fixing problems to proactively achieving daily balance.


The most over looked area…the patient!

We’ll work to attract your ideal patients – not just the ones who come to you because you’re on “the list” – but the ones you LOVE to see on your schedule. Patients that...

  • Show up…on time… and are happy to be there.
  • Appreciate and value your dentistry.
  • Pay on time and enjoy it.
  • Refer their friends, coworkers and family.

All things in the front office…getting payments in, handling money correctly, disbursing it…all while keeping you profitable.  

We’ll focus on the “nuts and bolts” of your practice:

  • A/R and Collections
  • Patient Financing
  • Insurance Management
  • A/P
  • Inventory/Supplies
  • Overhead/Fees
  •  Scheduling
  • Hygiene Recall
  • Team Meetings
  • Telephone Skills

My favorite part. The part where you get to shine... to really focus on your God-given, special, only-you-can-give talent for your patients.

We'll work together to put systems in place that are so crystal clear, you won't ever have to get distracted with “all the things” in the back.

We’ll tackle:

  • Treatment planning
  • High performing hygiene/periodontal department
  • Patient education
  • Charting
  • Clinical efficiency
  • Managing technology
  • Sterilization/infection control/OSHA
  • Managing lab cases
  • Technology that works for you

This is the one thing that affects all things! Great communication skills are required in each and every system in your practice and deserve the highest priority if you want to see your vision come to life.

We’ll focus on the communication skills necessary to:

  • Get patients on the schedule and keep them there.
  • Give your patients such clarity on the treatment they want and need that they say “yes”.
  • Eliminate office drama.
  • Build the highest level of trust with ALL team members.

So, you do all the work, put all the systems in place but…how do you know it’s working correctly??? 

Most of the time it’s just a firehose approach of blasting you with all kinds of information then leaving you hanging. Or, “reports” that are so complex you need help interpreting them.

When we work together, we'll create an easy-to-understand, evaluation system so you can monitor where you are and if it's working.

This program will be a great fit if you:

  • Want to move from reacting to problems to proactively implementing systems and strategies to bring your vision to life.
  • Struggle to do the work AND manage your practice.
  • Want to be able to count on your team.
  • Want to stop worrying about the practice, the problems, the headaches, the staff and what you’ll have to deal with next.
  • Are ready to build the practice you’ve always wanted…take the vacations…forget about work when you’re not there… and have a less stressful, more enjoyable home life.


VIP Intensive

We’ll kick off the program with a private, 6-hour, VIP Intensive, just for the dentist, where we’ll create your vision and set your goals for the next 6 months and beyond. We’ll go through each and every system in your practice to identify where you are now with that system and where you want to be. Then we’ll put a plan in place to make it happen!

1 or 2-Day Team Retreat

This comprehensive retreat is designed to get you and your team on the same page with the vision and goals we set in your VIP Intensive. We’ll design a plan that helps the team collectively work to achieve the practice’s goals, while maintaining work/life balance for everyone involved.

Coaching for the Team

 Your team will receive the following support to help them stay on track with the practice’s goals:

✓ Bi-monthly coaching calls with the entire team.
✓ Confidential coaching calls with individual team members as required.

All training calls will be recorded for your convenience to reference later for training purposes.

Comprehensive Training Materials

To help you and your team lock in your learning you'll receive access to comprehensive training materials including videos, worksheets, workbooks, templates, scripts and more.

Private Coaching and Support for the Dentist

Goals and plans are great, but without accountability it’s easy to fall back into the same old patterns. Lucky for you, I’ll be in your back pocket for an entire 6-months holding you accountable to your vision and answering your questions as they arise.

You will receive:

✓ 12 bi-monthly coaching sessions
✓ Unlimited email access
✓ Unlimited 5-minute laser coaching calls

I get very emotional when I think of the wonderful; amazing life dentistry has given me and my family.  

But let’s be real, it didn’t just happen. We worked our booties off and had to learn many lessons the hard way.

I won’t lie, there’s work ahead, but the road doesn’t have to be long and painful. Let me help you lessen your learning curve so you can achieve the rewards of dentistry in way less time and with way less pain.


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